Glu Recruit Ltd

Here at Glu we like to do things differently. Yes, we are a recruitment agency but we like to think we’re more than that. The traditional recruitment agency model has been done a million times over and we’re here to break the mould. So, what’s different? In our clients words…..our style, our passion, our loveliness, our quirkiness and getting the best out there for the best out there. You’ll notice there’s no ‘e’ on Glu. That’s not because we can’t spell, it’s one way to demonstrate our difference through our name and because we know that whether you’re a candidate looking for the next step in your career or an employer looking for someone to grow your business it’s all about ‘u’. No egos or recruitment sales jargon. Our honest, bespoke service along with our market knowledge, expertise, access to the best candidates on the market and that we are a nice bunch makes using Glu a ‘no brainer’. So drop us a line, we aren’t what some would describe as typical recruiters….we like to empower individuals and businesses and we like to make friends. The world of recruitment is more advanced now than it ever has been and there are different ways that you can recruit – contingent, retained, assessment centres and executive search and we’re here to listen and advise on the best model for you. Being an independent we don’t have the costs associated with the larger corporates and we’re able to bespoke build a package to suit your business needs whilst ensuring a quality service which delivers the goods.


Khepera Business Centre
9 Orgreave Road
S13 9LQ